Furniture Repair Services in Northwich

Northwich is a town at the centre of the Cheshire plain and at the meeting point of the rivers Dane and Weaver, an ancient centre of trade, small industry and salt production, Northwich has always been more than an agricultural town. As a town on the rivers and canals of the Northwest, the furniture manufacturing industry of the industrial revolution was situated all around with docks in Liverpool, large scale manufacturing in Manchester and in nearby Warrington. Although Northwich’s main industries have mostly been chemical based, many traditional furniture makers and their skills survive in the area to this day.

Our service
includes sofa repair, upholstery cleaning, cabinet repair and more
throughout Northwich

We provide our mobile furniture repair services throughout Northwich and surrounding areas.

We're standing by if you need upholstery, leather or cabinet furniture repairing or cleaning in Northwich. See all areas we cover with our services.