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How strong is real leather?

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leather material

We love leather, in our years of doing leather sofa repair we’ve only grown more fond of it as a material. Leather has been a friend to humans for millennia. From ancient tribal footwear to modern handbags from Milan, leather has served us well and shows no sign of going out of fashion. The biggest… Read more »

The truth about leather colour restoration

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leather colour staining sofa

Leather is a complex multi-layered substance and not all materials called leather are made into similar stuff. There are many different dying and pigmentation processes applied to different types of leather. Some add a dye and then lock it in with a top coat, some dyes simply soak into the leather and darken the tone… Read more »

Furniture repair examples

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sofa repair video examples

If you want to understand our furniture repair services you can have a good read of our website but sometimes it’s nice to just soak up some images. We like to take before and after pictures of some of our jobs, if you follow us on Facebook,Instagram and Twitter you’ll see these in your feed… Read more »

The carbon footprint of furniture

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carbon footprint of furniture

We live at a time when the world is asking questions about the environmental cost of almost everything we do and buy. There’s a growing concern for the planet and what our modern way of life is doing to it. The figures are stacking up and yet it can be confusing to make sense of… Read more »

Cats And Furniture

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Cats and furniture

Your furniture doesn’t need to be a casualty of owning a cat! Cats are our furry little friends and it’s our duty as pet owners to shower them with love and affection. Although they bring us a lot of joy, they can also bring us unexpected costs and accidental damage, wear and tear to our… Read more »

Dogs And Furniture

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bruce on sofa

Your furniture doesn’t need to be a casualty of owning a dog. Dogs and furniture can be a tricky combination. Dogs are true members of the family and with most owners, it’s hard to not let your pet have their freedom when it comes to taking naps on the sofa and sitting on chairs for… Read more »

Our happy competition winner

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Cushions refilled

Remember our furniture pampering competition? We had loads of entries from lots of lovely people but we could only have one winner. We met Clare a few weeks after she was picked as the winner and had a look at her furniture so we could work out which job we’ll be doing as her prize…. Read more »

Benefits of upholstery cleaning in your home

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Upholstery cleaning service

Your upholstered furniture holds on to dirt and grime whether it be leather covered or fabric. It’s the job you never get round to doing, a place that’s hard to clean properly and often goes unattended for years. We’re here to tell you why it’s well worth calling in a fabric upholstery cleaning or leather… Read more »

Thinking about sofa cushion foam replacement?

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sofa cushion foam replacement

Sofa cushions never stay as plump as the day they were new. In fact many sofas feel a bit too firm when brand new but this is usually deliberate so once it’s been used a bit it becomes ideal. As time goes by all, seats start to lose their firmness, pocket springs inevitably wear out… Read more »