Furniture Repair Services in the City of Manchester

Manchester is the largest city in the North, it has a proud history of furniture manufacturing & trade. For hundreds of years through our industrialised age it was home to workshops, upholstery studios and all kinds of furniture shop. The great fire of 1836 wiped out much of downtown Manchester including some furniture making workshops. The fire may well have destroyed much more were it not for the invention of local cabinet maker Colonel Ebenezer Tappan. His ‘hand-pumper torrent’ was an apparatus able to direct water & quell the flames. A team of local tradesman fought the fire successfully with the pump & the fire was eventually defeated. We’re proud that furniture craft helped save one of our favourite cities.

Our service
includes sofa repair, upholstery cleaning, cabinet repair and more
throughout Manchester

We provide our mobile furniture repair services throughout Manchester and surrounding areas.

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