Our guarantee

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and stand by the durability of our repairs. Our years of experience and training enable us to understand how to repair furniture properly and most importantly when a repair just won’t work.

Not all furniture damage is the same. If we feel our repair will not last, we do not attempt the repair and will explain to our customers why this is our belief. We only accept payment for repairs we can trust. To help you trust the quality of our repairs, we offer our customers the Wefixanysofa 1Year Guarantee.

Guarantee Emblem

What does the guarantee cover?

Our guarantee covers all our major furniture repair services. The following furniture repairs are covered by the Wefixanysofa

  • Stitching repairs
  • Frame repairs
  • Cabinet, wooden furniture frame repairs
  • Spring repairs

What do we do if our repair fails within the guarantee period?

We take pride in the quality and value for money of our work, if there is a problem we will always welcome your reporting it to us, we take it seriously, investigate it carefully and resolve it proffesionally.

If one of our repairs has a problem within a year, please take a photograph of the issue and report it to us as soon as possible. You can send the photo to us using our contact form.

We will respond to your report as soon as possible and will not hesitate to come out to look at the issue and put the problem right.

What is not covered by the guarantee?

  • Cleaning services. Cleaning isn’t a service that can go wrong down the line. We do of course listen to any concerns our customers have about our cleaning work in the days after the job has been completed. However if we clean your furniture and months later it is marked or dirty again, our guarantee does not apply. Please also take note our cleaning service cannot guarantee the removal of specific stains and substances.
  • Leather colour repairs. Furniture can receive an enormous amount of wear and tear. Our colour repairs are durable but may not stand up to the range of typical stresses and strains such as abrasion from clothing, spillages and other contaminants and especially when the leather may be worn or stressed.
  • Cushion/interior replacement. Because we can’t measure the rate of wear and use on cushion interiors, we can’t be sure that foams may not be worn out before their time. Although we use the highest quality U.K manufactured foam, our one year guarantee does not cover foams softening.
  • Where the customer signs a waiver. Where we advise that a repair may not last or fully remove the problem, we advise that we do not attempt the service. Sometimes a customer would like us to proceed anyway and take the risk. In these cases we ask our customer to sign to accept the risk of failure in the repair. For example if leather is severely damaged, we may be able to make it better but not resolve it fully and if it is damaged again, it may break easily. In this case we could advise against repair as it may not be reliable but our customer may want us to proceed.
  • Liability for further damage. We take responsibility and are fully insured to carry out our services. Our guarantee covers the repair we carry out only. It does not cover any further issues to customer furniture or other property.
  • Separate damage or failings of the furniture. You might think it common sense, but experience tells us we should make it clear. If we fix one part of your furniture and a different part breaks, this is not covered by our guarantee. It only covers our work.