Our response to Coronavirus

Coronavirus Furniture Repair Policy

Lockdown has been a very difficult time & we know the Coronavirus is far from over but we are now able to resume our service with some precautions and changes.

We’re back to work

Due to a change in advice from the government, Wefixanysofa are able to resume attending furniture repair jobs for our customers. (Last update 31.05.20)

To keep our employees, their families and our society safe, we will be taking some additional precautions.

Providing our furniture repair services rarely requires us to come into close contact with our customer. We have adapted how we work to reduce the risk of infection between us and our customer. This includes…

  • We will be practising social distancing at all times
  • We’ll be cleaning our hands and disinfecting tools and surfaces more frequently
  • We are encouraging payments by card. Our technician has a card machine & alcohol wipes to ensure it’s clean for your use & after
  • If there is additional risk involved we are more than open to discuss additional precautions, please let us know about the details.
Bruce staying positive

It’s hard being stuck at home but together we can get through this

Slowly getting more normal

Our office functions are in full operation, we are booking appointments with our customers, it’s been hard but we hope things can get more normal now.

We’re still spending more of our time at home with the family, supporting our friends and neighbours where we can and helping each other get through this

If you have a furniture repair or cleaning need, we invite you to contact us and register your enquiry with us.

Stay positive

We think it’s important to stay positive and be thankful for what we’ve got. So despite this difficult times we want to find reasons to stay positive.

Reasons to stay positive in these hard times

We’re lucky to have the NHS – So many people around the world are facing this terrible disease without the benefit of a national health service. Thankyou to everyone working in the NHS!

The public and private sector too – We have heroes all over the country to get us through this crisis. We’re lucky to have so many people working to collect bins, caring for people, delivering vital supplies and the money in our economy to keep all of that turning.

God bless the internet – Despite being apart, being able to video call our friends and family has made this whole thing more bearable.

We are getting through this – Tens if not hundreds of thousands of people have contracted this disease and are now better again – Exact figures aren’t possible yet but as the thousands catching Coronavirus rise so do the thousands getting better. We may see more of the awful death figures on the news but it helps to remember the growing numbers of the recovered.

We can find happiness in the little things – Although most of us are trapped in our homes, we’ve found that while our lives are on hold and the future uncertain, we can put some time into those things we never had enough time for before.

be okay in self isolation

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