Furniture Repair Services in Salford

The City of Salford is at the forefront of everything that makes Manchester great. It has an ancient history, plenty of Manchester’s canals and is a vibrant part of the city by day or by night. Historically Salford docks were a principal source of Manchester’s textile imports, fabrics that would soon cover upholstered furnishings were often undocked in Salford. Today the revival of Salford and the new developments at the docks not to mention the home of the BBC in the North makes it a shining beacon not just in Manchester but for the whole North. We’ve spent a lot of time repairing furniture across all of Salfords five districts and are always glad to visit.

Our service
includes sofa repair, upholstery cleaning, cabinet repair and more
throughout Salford

We provide our mobile furniture repair services throughout Salford and surrounding areas.

We're standing by if you need upholstery, leather or cabinet furniture repairing or cleaning in Salford. See all areas we cover with our services.