Cats And Furniture

Cats and furniture

Your furniture doesn’t need to be a casualty of owning a cat!

Cats are our furry little friends and it’s our duty as pet owners to shower them with love and affection. Although they bring us a lot of joy, they can also bring us unexpected costs and accidental damage, wear and tear to our furniture. Most often, new furniture is treated as a great opportunity for scratching and itching, especially for cats as it’s a natural behaviour for our feline friends. Our range of repair services brings life back to your furniture which has been scratched and damaged by your pets.

Cat Resistant Furniture

When it comes to cat resistant furniture, it can be quite difficult to ensure you cat doesn’t cause damage. If you’re looking to reduce damage to your sofa, there are a few tips below that can help. However, if you’re looking for a new, innovative furniture piece that works for both you and your cat, that’d be a bonus right? Well, we’ve discovered a few cool things that could help.

cat tunnel sofa

The Cat Tunnel Sofa

As sofas are the most common furniture piece which our pets find the most comfort in, this cat tunnel sofa was designed for playful cats in mind. It’s a unique design which incorporates tunnels and hiding places for you pet, essentially distracting them and making it their new home, rather than the sofa itself. For more information on this cool and innovative cat sofa, click here

velvet cat protective cover

Protective Cat Coverings

Cat sofa pads are an affordable solution for sofas. It not only acts as a protective layer, but it prevents them from scratching too! There is a range available online to suit your needs, and you can even purchase waterproof and anti-fouling covers! Cat resistant protective covers are an affordable and reliable solution if you’re looking for something that you can put into action quickly! Check out this velvet solid sofa protector!

Cat Shelving

crazy cat shelvingCat Shelving is a great way to distract your cats from causing havoc and damage throughout the house. They can also add to your home interior which is a bonus! Catastrophic Creations is a gem we’ve found, and they produce handcrafted, unique cat furniture so your cats can enjoy their surroundings, and you can enjoy stress and damage free furniture!

Their cat shelving is all around fun for your furry friends.

Preventing Cat Damage

For domesticated cats, they possess strong instincts from life outside and despite best efforts to train them and prevent damage occurring to your furniture, it’s quite a difficult task. You can however, modify their behaviour and therefore save your furniture from rips, tears and scratches.

cat post scratcher

Cat Scratching Surfaces

Scratching posts and climbing trees are popular in cat owners homes as it prevents the furry friends from having a little play with your furniture instead. Ensure the scratching post is tall and sturdy enough so that your cat is able to perfect it’s climbing instincts. If it is wobbly and short, it’s more than likely your cat will abandon it and go back to it’s usual ways.

Trim Their Claws

A small, but effective and reliable solution to preventing damage. Trimming your cats nails tends to be easier when they’re young and during training. Trimming cats claws ultimately reduces their ability to snag fibres – this is especially helpful when it comes to carpets, curtains and of course, sofas.

Velvet Furniture

Velvet has most recently become a popular choice for many types of households, mostly for it’s smooth and soft finish. What many cat owners do not know is that as velvet is a woven fabric, it means the threads are cut quite short to give the fabric a short pile. The majority, if not all cats don’t like to claw or play around with velvet furniture because it lacks the woven texture.

catnip spray

Cat Deterrents

Catnip spray is also an affordable solution to making your furniture cat resistant. The spray acts as a distraction for your cats, all you have to do is apply it to desired areas, such as toys, bedding and scratching posts and they’ll find it irresistible!

Repairing Cat Damage

Cats can cause the most damage with their scratching and this can have a huge impact on all types of furniture. From tables, curtains, carpets, sofas, chairs and more. While we’ve highlighted tips to prevent and reduce cat damage, you don’t need to panic if you find yourself in a situation where you come back to the house to find your kitten has used the dining table as a scratch post. Scratches and chips can easily be repaired with the right tools and techniques. All it takes is a bit of sanding, re-staining and filling.

As we discussed cats and their claws earlier in this article, this often leads to damage for sofas too, especially fabric sofas! Our sofa repair service covers a range of damages, from stitching, rips, tears and leather colour loss. Don’t hesitate to contact us in regards to a repair your beloved furniture is currently suffering from, we’ve managed to spread our furniture magic and skills across many households with pets, and it’s our mission to get your furniture back to it’s original form. We provide a range of furniture repair services and we’d be more than happy to help and meet your furry friends!

cat scratching and causing damage

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