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We forgive anyone for thinking it’s quite simple to fix furniture. We can see that in some ways it seems like it. You do a bit of stuffing foam in there, a bit of stitching that up and you’re done right?

Not really! Fixing furniture to a high standard and getting everything right is actually as demanding as any skilled professional job. The question is, what do you expect of yourself as a tradesman and as a company? In this article we explain what it takes to keep our show on the road, how many skills we need to have and things we need to take care of. We want you to know what’s ‘under the bonet’ of Wefixanysofa, what goes into our furniture repair services and let you make your own comparisons with other companies out there.

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Multi-Skilled technicians

If you take the top 10 most popular items of furniture we repair and the top 10 issues we hear about for each of them, you’ve got a whole lot of different furniture issues. These range from loose stitching, to cracked wooden frames, electric recliner malfunctions to sagging cushions, from scratched surfaces to fading colour. Each of our technicians needs to be skilled in a variety of separate disciplines to deliver a top notch job for any and all common furniture issues.

  • Traditional leather stitching
  • Fabric templating
  • Sewing machine operation
  • Foam measurement and fitting
  • Furniture joinery
  • Professional cleaning (trust us, when you do it right, it requires real skill)
  • Leather craft, including colour restoration, damage concealment, cleaning, nourishment and protection
  • Professional un-upholstery and reupholstery training
  • Wood restoration, including scratch repair, colour restoration and french polishing
  • Even flatpack assembly
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Just fixing the furniture is only half of our concern when attending a job. No matter how well we fix furniture, health and safety comes first. Our technicians are trained and equipped to carry out work professionally and safely. What this means in practise is regularly checking on and discussing safety with our technicians and making sure we are covering all the bases.

  • We follow proper procedures that reduce risk
  • Staff are trained in safe handling of cleaning chemicals
  • Staff are trained in electrical safety covering the usage of tools and equipment in your home
  • We maintain and service our equipment properly to avoid unpredictable incidents
  • We carry the full and proper insurance to do this work in your home
  • We expect our team to use good judgement and a careful considered approach, we only hire those with common sense
  • It’s 2019 and safety these days includes data protection. We planned safe handling of data into our business from the start and continue to manage it properly and in accordance with the law. Grasping the nettle and doing it right from the start has made it easy for our whole team to work securely and to respect our customer’s data rights
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Simply fixing the furniture and following proper safety procedure is still not enough. At Wefixanysofa we focus hard on the skills and procedures so we can master them, deliver them and put the rest of our focus on the service to our customer. Our customers have questions and concerns about their furniture, sometimes some expert advice can help them look after their furnishings better in future or avoid common issues. What helps us stand apart from other furniture repairers is our attitude to customer service. In addition to our general attitude we have some bedrock points of service that we delivery every time:

  • We share our knowledge freely with customers. We want you to understand furniture like we do and to get the best out of it. Our team will spend time explaining and demonstrating any relevant furniture point so our customer can go away and have a little bit of a better experience with furniture in future.
  • We look after your home. Every job we do comes with a list of precautions we take to ensure we do no harm at all to your home. We use protective sheeting, organise our tools and products properly to avoid accidents and we don’t mind gently moving the furniture around to work on it in an ideal position (of course we put it back absolutely right when we’re done). We always bring a hoover and clean the working area should there be any chance that dust or debris has been spread by our work. We hate a tradesman that walks into your house with their shoes on or leaves you with a load of cleaning to do once they’ve done what they think of as ‘their job’.
  • Our prices are structured and fair. We don’t pluck a figure out of mid air when we form a quote or judge what we think we can get away with. Early in our business we developed a tool that calculates the right prices for the jobs we do. Our team all use the same tool from the Lake District to Birmingham and everything in between. Fair is fair, we do well because we’re good not because we hustle our customers.
  • We are fiercely honest and concerned for your value for money. If we’re asked to fix something and we know our repair won’t last long enough, we never agree to do the job. We’d rather advise a customer to bin the furniture and get a new one if that’s the right thing. We only take your money when we know the job is a good idea and our customer has a very high chance of being satisfied. There’s a word for this sort of thing, we think it’s honour and we’re proud to exercise it whenever we should.

And why believe our shameless self promotion?

The answer is simple, just look at our reviews. We have an ever growing collection of 5 star reviews online. You’ll find them on Facebook, Google, and Trustpilot. On every platform you’ll see the same trend. 5 star reviews, no bad reviews.

In our years of business so far, our worst review is a 4 star and we’ve only had 1 of those and over 100 5 star reviews. Matty - Wefixanysofa owner & head technician

Unless you believe we’ve been faking these, you’re looking at the proof that we truly live up to our claims. After all, every single one of our customers that left a review can’t ALL be wrong? Isn’t bad news supposed to travel further and faster than good news?

Thanks for reading, we hope you’ve got a better sense of who we are and what it takes to do what we do. If you’ve got a furniture issue, you couldn’t be in better hands, just contact us and we’ll be glad to help.

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