Introducing our custom made sofa company

As furniture repair experts, we know exactly what it takes to make a quality piece of furniture. In the years we’ve spent repairing and cleaning furniture we’ve worked with furniture from every major manufacturer and have often found out how they’ve broken and how it could have been prevented.

We are firm believers in buying quality furniture and making it last. If properly looked after and occasionally repaired, a sofa can last for a decade or more. Buying quality and looking after it is cheaper in the long run and it’s by far the most eco-friendly way to own furniture.

Beyond economic repair

We provide a high quality repair service but although in theory we could repair any damage to any sofa, sometimes it’s not a sensible or economic choice. The time comes to buy a new sofa, armchair or a matching suite and that’s often been our advice to customers hoping we could make a repair. People often ask us ‘where can I get a perfect sofa to replace mine?’ and sometimes making a recommendation we’d be happy with is difficult. Many big brand furniture shops are selling attractive enough products with inferior frames, cheap fittings and average quality fabrics.

It can be hard as a customer to sort quality workmanship from sales-hype and sometimes quite pricey items aren’t worth the money. We’ve found it hard to advise people on what to buy.

We have known for a long time that we could build sofas with solid frames, low-wear design, the best foam upholstery and commercial quality fabrics. The sort of sofas we want to own ourselves. As has expanded and thrived, we decided it was time to start designing and constructing furniture as well as repairing it.

notjustanysofa custom made sofas


We’re very pleased to introduce our sister company, We’ve started this company with a simple mission, to make every customer a perfect sofa or suite, to their requirements to a high standard of build quality.

What makes our sofas special?

  • You choose the frame style, foam type, fabric and the feet to create your perfect sofa or suite
  • British hardwood frames
  • The very best UK manufactured foams
  • Commercial grade fabrics from leading British designer & manufacturer
  • A wide selection of stylish feet & legs, again from our U.K based supplier
  • A ten year manufacturers guarantee on frame and spring failure
  • A personal and complete service, our own people make every delivery to ensure the best possible service
Furniture showroom in Runcorn

We’re sure our customers are going to love the incredible range of options we can provide and our furniture will be serving an increasing number of homes across the North West and beyond. We’d be delighted to hear from you, why not take a look at our new website, or come down and see for yourself by visiting our showroom.

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