Our happy competition winner

Cushions refilled

Remember our furniture pampering competition? We had loads of entries from lots of lovely people but we could only have one winner. We met Clare a few weeks after she was picked as the winner and had a look at her furniture so we could work out which job we’ll be doing as her prize.

The most important thing for Clare was getting her sofa and chair cushions replaced bringing some bounce back into her favourite furnishings.

We returned a week or so later to complete the work and make good on our promise of a prize.

The job is actually a standard procedure we’re very well prepared for. We removed the existing cushion interiors and replaced them with our own tailor made foam interiors covered with a quality dacron wrap. Our foam interiors fitted perfectly and really brought the armchairs and sofa back to life.

Most importantly, Clare was really pleased and couldn’t wait to get settled on her new cushions to really try them out.

Sofa cushion restoration

We’re sorry to all who entered but didn’t win, please keep an eye on our newsletters and social media pages for any of our future competitions not to mention special offers.

If your sofa cushions have lost their bounce and you’d like to see it back and bouncy as new, take a look at our sofa cushion replacement service.

Check out the sofa too

Sofa cushion restoration

You can see more pictures of our work on our gallery page and don’t forget to check out our reviews, they’re the best in the business.

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