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Your upholstered furniture holds on to dirt and grime whether it be leather covered or fabric. It’s the job you never get round to doing, a place that’s hard to clean properly and often goes unattended for years. We’re here to tell you why it’s well worth calling in a fabric upholstery cleaning or leather furniture cleaning service from time to time.

What gets caught in your sofa?

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You’d be astonished at the diversity of substances that get deposited on and in the materials of your sofa. Much of the dirt, grime and other substances are not clearly visible but they’re there soaked into fabrics, hiding in the creases in leather and building up in seams and cracks. Things will soak into the upholstery foam within where dirt and moisture will interact and produce all new substances and life in the fibres of your furniture. All of this takes its toll on the appearance, smell and longevity of your furniture. We don’t want to gross you out but we think it’s worth having a look at the sorts of things that build up in your furniture

  • Dead skin, as we’ve heard dead skin is a common component of household dust and so gets ground into your furniture
  • Oil and grease from human skin leaves a thing layer of grease behind which in turns captures other particles. Sofas and other furniture accumulate this over time until it visibly discolours the material
  • Salty residues from sweat and other fluids from humans and pets
  • General microbes from the environment can find a home on your furniture, the more dirty it is the more microbes can be captured and then prosper
  • Spillages, crumbs and other food remains frequently make it into the mix of substances on your furniture
  • Pets can add to the dirt and grime on your furniture and sometimes they can be by far the biggest contributor. Dogs in particular can bring all kinds of dirt and slobber into contact with your furniture, this can cause staining, damage and provided a home for all kinds of life
  • And the rest! The list goes on and on from fungal spores to synthetic fibres and more. The bottom line is that your furniture captures a little bit of everything and over time it really builds up

Why get someone to clean my upholstery for me in my home?

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  • Regular cleaning helps prevent long term staining and wear
  • Professional cleaning methods applied with care and patience really work. The dirt comes out of the nooks and crannies and is fully removed
  • DIY methods rarely measure up to professional tools and machines but they do cost money. Going DIY can result in lower expense but much lower cleaning effectiveness, plus you had to put in the work
  • Any service where furniture is sent away for cleaning can be far more inconvenient than where it is cleaned in your home
  • In home cleaning is highly cost effective for the results you get. DIY may cost less but works much worse, buying a new one is certainly much more expensive. There’s no cheaper way to get your dirty furniture properly clean
  • A professional service will get great results and also cause no harm to your furniture, DIY attempts have been known to go wrong, a professional knows what to do and what not to do
  • That refreshed feeling in the room when the job is finished is unparalleled, it’s great to know all that dirt is gone

Did you know?

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  • Most good companies that clean upholstery often provide other furniture repair services. You can save a bit of money by having additional services provided in one visit. We can clean and repair all at once for one great price
  • Our upholstery cleaning methods can be highly effective on a range of fabric furnishings not just sofas. Curtains, bed headboards, ottomans and a hundred other fabric furnishings can be deep cleaned. Some customers just book us to clean everything we can in their home, we tackle items large and small until it’s all done. The price may be lower than you think and the results are fantastic
  • What we clean has to dry out. A good 48 hours is required for deep cleaned items to dry fully before use. Our friendly technicians will help you get the cleaned items set out in a great position for drying and will advise you on whether to rotate things as they dry. The drying stage is vital
  • When the dirt is just too deep we can replace cushion interiors and clean the coverings. If something particularly nasty has penetrated deep into your upholstered furniture, even our deep clean may not be enough. All may not be lost. In these cases we can replace the cushion interiors and clean the coverings which effectively removes all of the spillage
  • Cleaning isn’t stain removal. Stains are complex, when something stains, materials and chemicals are coming into contact with each other and changing their nature. Removing many stains is like picking a chemical lock. Some are simple and our cleaning methods will remove them. Others are subtle and extremely tricky. We cannot guarantee stain removal as part of our cleaning service, there are specialist services that deal with things that normal cleaning methods just cannot tackle. Sometimes a stain on leather just cannot be removed but recolouring the leather will effectively make the stain go away. We are masters at recolouring leather and can offer expert advice on touching up leather that’s been discoloured or stained

Thanks for reading our article about the benefits of upholstery cleaning in your home, as always we appreciate your comments whether here on our blog or on our social media pages. If you have a furniture issue you’d like to talk about, please always feel free to contact us

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