Our repair & cleaning service is still available

Furniture repair and cleaning open for business

After months and months in and out of lockdown, many of us have never been more familiar with the insides of our own homes. As we’ve been out providing our service to customers these last months it’s been clear that the sofas and furnishings of Great Britain have never had it so hard.

We’ve also noticed that our customers have never been so pleased to have their wobbly arms fixed, burst stitching stitched or flattened cushions replaced, the fresh smell in the room after a deep fabric or leather cleaning has never smelled so sweet. Now we’re spending so much time indoors refreshing your interior matters more than ever.

Keeping calm and carrying on

To ensure we can still safely visit our customer’s homes we’ve followed the latest government guidelines in how we provide our service. This includes:

  • Washing hands frequently
  • Maintaining at least the minimum social distance at all times
  • Wearing appropriate face masks especially when indoors
  • Sanitising our card machines
  • Vehicle interior cleaning
  • Staff social distancing and testing policy

Time to freshen up?

So with months of lockdown ahead getting some of your furnishings repaired, refreshed and rejuvenated might be just the thing.

We offer a complete range of furniture services all carried out safely in your home.

Why not contact us to book an appointment?

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