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Sofa repairs with leather stitching

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leather stitching repair

If properly looked after, leather sofas can last for a decade or more. We love not just making them last but stay fantastic and looking great for years. When it’s supported you for long enough a good piece of furniture becomes a part of the family and there’s no doubt that making your furniture last Read more

Refinishing Old Damaged Leather Furniture

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Leather Sofa

Leather is a versatile material, known for it’s quality and classic appearance. Leather furniture is typically more trendy than fabric furniture pieces and they have a longer lifespan so we can see why they are constantly in demand. It offers both comfort and durability, but what do you value most? We’d love to find out! Read more

The magic of leather tear repair

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leather tears

Leather is of course a tough, complex and natural material prized for it’s texture, versatility and being very hardwearing. Nevertheless occasionally something happens to tear the leather in your lovely sofa and it might seem that there’s no way back. However all is not lost, over 75% of leather rip or tear issues we see Read more

Leather colour loss

Leather Repair

Leather Repair and Cleaning Services

Today we visited a customer in Manchester with a 8 year old brown leather sofa showing signs of wear to the leather along with colour loss. Firstly we completely cleaned down the furniture using a leather cleaner, then a second clean using a alcohol based chemical. We then dried out the leather and prepared for Read more