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Prevent sofa damage with 5 useful tips

Furniture Repair

Sofa Repair

We understand that purchasing a new sofa is an investment, one in which you want to last for years to come. We have put together a few tips on protecting your furniture and therefore preventing common damages such as accidental spillages, stains and even sun damage. If you look after your furniture well you’ll enjoy Read more

The magic of leather tear repair

Furniture Repair, Leather Repair

leather tears

Leather is of course a tough, complex and natural material prized for it’s texture, versatility and being very hardwearing. Nevertheless occasionally something happens to tear the leather in your lovely sofa and it might seem that there’s no way back. However all is not lost, over 75% of leather rip or tear issues we see Read more

Leather colour loss

Leather Repair

Leather Repair and Cleaning Services

Today we visited a customer in Manchester with a 8 year old brown leather sofa showing signs of wear to the leather along with colour loss. Firstly we completely cleaned down the furniture using a leather cleaner, then a second clean using a alcohol based chemical. We then dried out the leather and prepared for Read more

Frame Repair

Furniture Repair

Leather and Sofa Repair

This customer contacted us regarding her chair which had collapsed in the seating area. We arranged a date convenient with the customer and attended within days. Upon arrival we removed the base lining to see that the rear spring rail had snapped in half and was the cause of the issue. We removed all broken Read more